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Budapest, October 28-30, 2022

Youth Hotel of the European Council

Dear Friends!

Keep your calendar free for the last weekend of October! After a long but inevitable pause, we are organizing a three-day-long learning event, including a Shabat. While learning and debating about epoch-marking topics that influence our everyday life and safety, we will have ample time for socializing and enjoying each other’s company.

Preliminary overview of the festival’s topics

Get the whole picture!

Living in an information-based society, we often feel it difficult to get the whole picture from the media. Censorship does not work by blocking the flow of information, but rather by flooding us with disinformation and distractions. In social media, we share posts with similar-minded people until we believe there is no other valid opinion. In illiberal democracies, almost all media serves their owner, the central power.

We can hardly afford the luxury of investigating every piece of news, but understanding the traps of contemporary media may help to sort out the relevant information we need to make reasonable decisions. 

History has not yet ended

After the cold war, some thought that humanity has agreed to play by the rules of democracy, and whatever would happen in the future would no longer be “history”, just minor improvements for the common good. This optimism seems silly today. We witness climate change, energy crisis, plagues, poverty, wars and power aspirations that question the status quo even in Europe.

We have science and technology to harness but lack political wisdom to solve interconnected global and local problems. Is there a chance for global cooperation? How do the different political systems react to crises? What is the present state of the Covid-19 epidemic? Do we take this plague too seriously or too lightly? What types of preventive measures can we, citizens take?

Meanwhile, in our community …

We will talk about problems that ruffle some feathers in the Jewish community. How can our kehilot recover from the damages of the Covid-19 epidemic and its inevitable counter-measures? How can we debate the egalitarian participation of women? Is it true that Neology needs a stronger self-definition? How can we galvanize Jewish religious and community life? How can we reintroduce Jiddishkeit to our families? What kind of positive identity models can we offer for those who want to reconnect with Judaism? What kind of self-help activities and groups can help us solve our personal, characteristically Jewish headaches?

Leave it for the children!

Our young guests will be treated with special care. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 will be taken care of in Limmud Grove so their parents can participate in our events with full attention. For the older ones, we will organize youth workshops dealing with topics related to the festival’s main themes.

Keep an eye on the festival’s website, more details coming soon!

Pictures from the previous festival



Join us, and spend the first weekend of the new year at the Limmud Festival Budapest. Enjoy the rich selection of programs and the stunning view of the city from the windows of the European Youth Center.

General information

  • Hotel accommodation is available in the hotel of the Youth Center.
  • All meals served during the Festival will be kosher vegetarian.
  • Please buy your lunch/dinner tickets now.
  • Accommodation and meals for children under the age of 12 are free. However, register them: if you are a hotel guest, indicate your child when purchasing your pass. If you are a daily guest, buy a free child ticket.


  • Festival Pass with hotel accommodation in a double room

The Pass includes breakfast, entry to all festival events, and refreshments during the intervals.

If you come with your child under 12 years, please indicate.

  • Festival pass with accommodation in a single room

Please pay an extra charge if you wish to stay alone in your room.

Daily ticket

You may buy daily tickets for each day you want to spend with us. The price includes refreshments coffee and cake during the intervals. 


Please buy a ticket now for each meal: Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday lunch.

Tickets for children

If you are a daily guest, please register your child/children with a free child ticket!

Kabalat Shabat and Friday night Kidush

On the first day of the Festival, we welcome the Shabat together. We invite all guests to a Kiddus after Kabbalat Shabat.

Fares and subsidies

Thanks to our supporters, the listed fares are subsidized. For further reduction, please write to We will shortly answer your request.


Cedaka box

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