This data protection and data controlling policy (hereinafter: „Policy”) contains the rights, obligations and other relevant provisions related to the visitors of the website operated by Limmud Magyarország Alapítvány (registered office: H-1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén str. 11-13., Tax number: 18135420-1-42, registration number: 01-01-001-853, hereinafter: „Foundation”) with regards to the visitors’ voluntary consent of giving their personal data necessary for the registration procedure, reservation of accommodation, provision of supplies, and subscription to billing.

The Website does not control and collect personal data in a targeted way. The operation of the Website is in accordance with the directly applicable provisions of the European Union and in parallel, the applicable Hungarian legislation. The processing of personal data shall be governed by the applicable legislation, in particular the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 on General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR”), the Act CXII. of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter: Information Act”), and the Act XLVIII. of 2008 on the fundamental terms and limitations of economic advertising activity (hereinafter Grt”). Furthermore, the recommendations of the Hungarian National Data Protection and Information Authority (hereinafter: NAIH”) and the data protection practices it establishes shall be followed.


The following interpretative provisions are defined based on the Information Act:

  1. personal data: data that may be associated with the data subject (“user”) – in particular the user’s name, identification mark, and the knowledge of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, or social identities –, and the conclusion drawn from the data that may be related to the user, especially data that does not constitute as common interest or as public data on the grounds of common interest. Personal data include, but is not limited to name, address, and e-mail address;
  2. consent: voluntary and definite disclosure of user’s will, which is based on adequate information and with which the user gives an unmistakable consent to the controlling of his/her personal data in full or partial range;
  3. objection: a statement by the user, which objects against the controlling of his/her personal data and requires the termination of controlling activity and the deletion of his/her personal data.
  4. data controller: a natural or legal person, or an office/foundation with legal personality, who – either independently or with others –, determines the purpose of the processing of data, makes decisions on the way of the data processing (including the equipment or devices used) and executes these decisions, or entrusts a data processor to perform these decisions.
  5. data processing: irrespective of the method used, any operation or the aggregate of operations, such as collecting, capturing, rendering, storing, modifying, using, querying, transmitting, publishing, aligning or linking, blocking, deleting, and destroying any of the operations, and to prevent further use of the data to take photographs, tape sound, record video images, and to record physical characteristics that is suitable for the identification of the person (for example fingerprint, palm print, DNA-profile, iris image).


The Foundation collects personal data through the Website solely based on voluntary consent and for the purpose of ensuring the participation of the registered user in the Limmud Festival, providing accommodation and supply, credit card payment option, bills, and for providing the Limmud Festival related information in a newsletter or via e-mail.

The Website can be visited by anybody. The Foundation does not collect or control data about the visitors. The Website controls data only about the registered users, which is a precondition of the participation at the Limmud Festival, the reservation of accommodation and supply, and the subscription for the newsletter. The categories of the collected data are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number


Purpose of data controlling: That the Foundation can provide the services to registered users, specifically the participation at Limmud Festival,  accommodation and supply, credit card payment option, bills, and for providing the Limmud Festival related information in a newsletter or via e-mail.

Range of data controlling: It starts with registration at the Website and ends when the user is deleted, and when the purpose of the dat controlling is achieved, and until other periods specified in the law.

Legal basis of the data controlling:  the voluntary consent given by the data subject (registration and subscription for newsletter).

If the registered user have consented to receive newsletter to his/her address or e-mail address, he/she may withdraw his/her consent at any time free of charge, without limitation and without justification by sending an e-mail of withdrawal to for the Foundation or by sending a letter of withdrawal to the Foundation’s registered office by post.


The personal data received by the Foundation during the registration process will not be provided to the third party in any ways without the prior consent of the user, except in cases where the Foundation is legally obliged to transmit data.

The Foundation may use data processing services for the processing of personal data. The data controller and the data processor shall comply with the provisions of this Policy, the applicable legislation and the contract governing their legal relationship.

There is no transmitting of personal data controlled by the Foundation.


The Foundation mainly collects anonymous information from the Website, such as searches. When visitors visit the Website, the Foundation does not collect any personal information until the visitor issues this consent. The Foundation processes the anonymous information in order to improve the page and its content. In doing so, the Foundation incorporated cookies that collect the visitor’s first level domain name and the date and time of access. Cookies can not be used to reveal the identity of visitors. A cookie is a file sent to the visitor’s browser and is stored on the computer’s hard disk. Cookies do not damage the visitor’s computer. The browser program can be configured to indicate when a cookie arrives and the visitor can decide whether or not to accept the cookie.


The registered user may request information on the processing of his/her personal data and its correction and the registered user may request the deletion of his/her personal data by e-mail sent to, or by letter sent to the registered office of the Foundation via post.

At the request of the user, the Foundation shall provide information about the data it may have processed and about the purpose, legal basis, and duration of the data processing. The Foundation as a Data Controller shall provide the information in writing, in a readable form, within the shortest time after receipt of the request but no later than 30 calendar days. The information is free of charge if the request of the information for the same year has not yet been submitted to the Foundation for the same area. In other cases, the Foundation may charge reimbursement.

The Foundation shall immediately delete personal data if (i) the user indicates in writing via e-mail sent to or by letter addressed to the Foundation and sent to the office via post office; (ii) its data controlling is unlawful, (iii) the purpose of the data controlling is terminated, or (iv) the statutory deadline for storing the data has expired, ordered by the court or NAIH.

If the user disagrees with the decision of the Foundation, within 30 calendar days from the date of notification the user may turn to the court or NAIH (registered office: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet alley 22/C., Website:

The Foundation can not delete the data of the user if the controlling of data is ordered by law. If the user has violated his or her rights, the data controller may appeal to the court. The court proceeds out of order.

The Foundation reserves the right to change the Policy or to amend the Policy in the event of changes to the European Union or Hungarian legislation.

This Policy enters into force as of 2018. May 24th.