Limmud is a community of learning.

One of its core values is that anybody and everybody at a Limmud event is an equal participant of this community. If you attend as a listener, as a presenter, an organiser, a lecturer, a round table or workshop member, a helper in the cafe, a childminder, a facilitator, a trainer, you are a participant. Over the years I have helped out at events, in all sorts of ways, and assisted with translations of various documents. Whatever I do, I really feel active, I know I truly help and it makes me feel very much a part of the whole wonderful experience.

All participants are there because they volunteered. Everybody, even top bill presenters give their time and effort for free. Nobody gets paid for his/her services. By the same token, everybody pays something for his/her tickets, even the presenters. This also makes us all feel equal and that we are all ‘putting our money where our mouth is’.

All participants are encouraged to take an active part in all we do. Presenters, session leaders are asked to stay at the Conference and sit in at other sessions. So every teacher is a learner too. We all can and do learn about each other and from each other. The thirst for knowledge is a fundamental part of being Jewish and Limmud satisfies a deep need in us.

The one, who is a learner today, may be a presenter tomorrow. The saying 'the ones who can, do - the ones who can't, teach' does not apply to us: we all can and do and teach and learn. This makes it a true learning experience for me and next year I plan to make the transition and present a session.

Therefore we are all equal at Limmud, our contribution, in any capacity, is equally important. We all contribute to the success of Limmud events, to the learning and teaching process, to the fun, energy and buzz of this community.