Yoni Zigler: Hummus Curry

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2011-10-31 21:30
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For many years now, travelling to India has been a rite of passage in Israeli life. We hear so much about the Israelis in India that we sometimes forget there are actually Indians living there. Hummus Curry offers an intimate look into the lives of the local Indians living in a small village packed with Israeli tourists. Up in the Himalaya Mountains resides the village of Bhagsu, the rainiest place in all of India. Another season starts and the village is flooded with Israeli backpackers once again. Hummus Curry contains no interviews and the presence of the camera goes unfelt. This viewing experience takes us through intimate, funny and moving scenes that surprise the viewers time and time again. Rain drops turn into tear drops and we are given a unique opportunity to see the Israeli culture, through the eyes of the Indians.

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