About Limmud

In the early eighties Limmud (www.limmud.org) was launched in England, combining the characteristics of conferences, free universities, workshops and trainings. Its main purpose is to develop new ways of learning, and introduce new ways to Judaism for those engaging with their own Jewishness and non-Jews alike. In England, events and themes have been expanding year by year, as did the number of performances and visitors. Today, the "conference", which lasts five days and offers hundreds of programs, has become a prominent social event attracting thousands.

Since the developments in England, local Limmud groups were created in many different countries, including Hungary. Anyone can take part in the most exciting and inspiring Jewish learning experience.

Limmud is based on volunteering: the events, offering a variety of programs are open to anyone and organised on a voluntary basis. 

Limmud in Hungary

Keshet was born from the coalition between those who dreamt up Limmud Hungary, and the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), which supports Eastern European Jewish initiatives. The civil volunteers used the known Limmud model as their base, but, focusing on local questions and issues, they primarily hoped to target the Hungarian Jewish community. The JDC took part as a "catalyst", the ultimate goal was to bring to life an independent Limmud Hungary.

The first Keshet-conference was held in September 2006, at Római Part in Budapest. The JDC provided the technical and financial backing, while the volunteers carried out the compilation and execution of programs. After a successful third conference at Normafa (Budapest), an independent Limmud Hungary Foundation was established. Ever since, Limmud Hungary has functioned based entirely according to the principles of the English Limmud, and may therefore also use the name Limmud.