Limmud’s most important core value is volunteerism: volunteers organise the venue, volunteers put together the programme, volunteers make the coffee, volunteers give talks and perform.

Limmud swims against the profit-orientated tide of ‘only write if your are offering paid work’.  The people involved in the Hungarian Limmud realised the importance of the values already self-evident in Western, developed countries; rewards come in many other shapes than money. The joy of work well done and the company of like-minded people are so positive that it is worthwhile to work for these free of charge.

We are offering opportunities to test yourself in areas of which you could have only dreamt before. Say, do you want to organize a film club? Do it! We are not asking for qualifications, we trust you. 

Since 2009 the Hungarian Limmud Foundation has been operating fully based on Limmud principles, with volunteers and independently of Jewish organisations. Its flagship event, the Limmud Confestival (the name is from the words conference and festival)  is organised based on the above core values. More than thirty volunteers are currently keeping the Limmud Hungary Foundation afloat. Everyone is equal and everyone counts: the religious and the secular are all Jews.