Our events

Limmud events offer excellent opportunities to meet and get to know people of various persuasions and views. These events are open to every member of the Jewish community.  They can all participate, the ones who in the past had little opportunity to be actively involved in Jewish affairs as well as those who, having left the educational institutions and youth movements, are having difficulty to find expression of their Jewish identity.

Limmud volunteers organise a number of different events. The most important one in any year is the Limmud learning conference, lasting over a number of days and hosting Hungarian as well as foreign speakers with the help of the international Limmud network. Between conferences there are Limmud Club events, where anybody and everybody can get a taster of Limmud as a sounding board of wildly differing opinions and views. In 2010 our volunteers from outside of Budapest also initiated and organised a Limmud day in Pecs.