Limmud's core values

Limmud’s mission is to allow each Jew to take one step forward on his or her Jewish journey. Limmud seeks to create a space in which all Jews can explore the various facets of Jewish culture and their Jewish identity. Limmud is a diverse and inclusive forum in which you will experience the full gamut of Jewish opinions and beliefs. 

Learning: We believe that every Jew should be a student and that any Jew can be a teacher. We welcome individual participation at Limmud events.   Participants come as individuals, not as members of an organization. 

Expanding Jewish horizons: We strive to present and learn about new aspects and interpretations of Judaism, and we believe that this process may strengthen our Jewish identity as well. 

Community and mutual responsibility: We strive to create a community based on mutual responsibility for the others, and on real interest about different Jewish interpretations. 

Commitment to respect: We expect our participants to act respectfully toward each other, including to all volunteers. We are committed to treating all of our participants, and all sessions presented, with equal respect. No participant is more important than any other.

‘For the Sake of Heaven’: An argument is an accepted and useful instrument in learning about different viewpoints. The goal of Limmud is not to decide which way of Jewish life and belief is more valuable. Therefore, no proselytising is allowed at any Limmud event. 

Religious observance: We make an effort to enable all to participate at all parts of our events; therefore we keep Shabbat and kashrut in all public areas.  Naturally, everyone is free to choose whether or not to keep the religious rules in private areas.

Participation and voluntarism: We believe that everyone can contribute to building the community.  The best way to contribute is through volunteerism. Limmud is not for profit; we reinvest the proceeds into Jewish learning.

Enabling connections to be made: By providing a spiritual and physical community we strive to create opportunities for connections across communities and among individuals.