Limmud Club

Feedback indicated that it is not enough to meet once a year at the Conference – so some enthusiastic volunteers, led by Eszter Regner and Reka Eszter Bodo, organised  the Limmud Club. These events also follow the Limmud principles, on solely volunteer basis, with the participants chipping in. During the short programme of an afternoon each, the freedom of choice (also one of the Limmud principles) is fulfilled through the variety of opinions given voice to rather than through parallel programmes.

The first Limmud Club meeting was on 28th January  2010 and was spent in the spirit of Tu bisvat (the new year of trees), with lots of fruit and laughter and was led by Zsuzsa Fritz. 

The follow-up meeting on 1st April 2010 had a Pesach feel. The talk was about the four boys of the Haggadah and of various Haggadah illustrations, moderated by Zsuzsa Toronyi.

At the third occasion on 8 June 2010  we went to the pictures to watch and then to discuss ‘The Band’s Visit’ at the Odeon Lloyd Cinema.  The talk was lead by Alexandra Fleischer, psychologist, about  Israelis, Arabs, co-existence, about war and peace.



Limmud Club is currently looking for volunteer leaders who have the time and inclination to continue these events.  Contact Reka Eszter Bodo by email at onkentes AT