Limmud BudaFest Shuk

Múlt és Jövő
The periodical Múlt és Jövő (Past and Future) kicked off as an antholgy in 1988; one year later we managed to obtain a permit to publish a magazine and since then it has been a quarterly periodical. In 1994 we extended our activities to publishing books and since that time we have published some 200 books. Be it fiction, Judaism, psychology, philosophy, Holocaust literature, children's books, fine arts – almost all our books connect to the Jewish people in some way. While publishing contemporary authors, one of our main jobs is to give exposure to authors forgotten after the war, like Károly Pap, Dezső Szomory, Ákos Molnár. 

Attila Jakav Berger
'Dr Hummus, professor of Eastern flavours',  civilian name Attila Jakov Berger, brought the very best of hummus and falafel recipes from his 15-years of living in Israel. He makes these fresh and of fresh ingredients every day at his recently opened vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Tuzolto Street in Budapest's IX. district.  His food has already been a great success at a number of events: at this year's Yom Ha'Atzmaut celebrations in the Gozsdu-court and at events at the Israeli Embassy. At the LimmudBudaFest he will sell his freshest vegetarian food accompanied by special fruit juices.
His slogan is: 'the best hummus and falafel in Hungary' - well, don't let us forget that the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Eszter Varga-Nádas
Eszter is a self proclaimed “painter, jewellery-crazy, shop-stuff-is-never-good-enough, always-doing, everything-possible” type crafts person. She makes paintings, drawings, jewellery; she uses glass, silk, canvas, wood, acrylic, photo emulsion, pearls …. and works on any medium from canvas to the pavement. Do you need ideas for special, individual gifts? Eszter will make it. Be it a baby carrier, a crochet medal, colourful scarf, glass medal, fruit jewellery, a bag, a tray – anything colourful and interesting, Eszter can make it! In addition, at the Limmud, on request she will make tailor-made items, jewellery or scarves.

Antal Szernecz
The problem solver
For quite a number of years Antal has run the coffee shop and book store of the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre and has also organised the catering for the Centre's events. His koser events are well known, as 'The problem solver' can deal with any and all requirements. In 'Lipocia', as one of Budapest's Jewish areas is affectionately known, Antal has four small gourmet delicatess shops offering special kosher and non-kosher food and drink, often imported from abroad and not available anywhere else. They also sell the lightest yet wonderfully tasting flodni (Jewish cake) that you can buy in Budapest. Antal will bring a selection of his best food and drink items to the Limmud suk, to be eaten there or to be talen home.
He will also bring some books from his bookstore: books with Jewish connection and from various publishers.

Károly Szász
Karoly Szasz is a 2009 graduate of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art. After university he launched his own workshop designing and making medals, glass paintings and restoring antique glass and china. As an off-shoot he started cutting jewellery out of the hand-painted parts of broken antique porcelain: medals, earrings, rings, pins, bracelets... His motto is 'save the saveable'. His redesigned jewellery carries its own story. Sometimes he uses the place where the piece was broken off anyway, sometimes he combines china with glass, using his original craft as a maker of glass objects. Sometimes he applies stamps or old paper money between two sheets of crystal glass, as these carry or 'archive' complete stories.  Recently he has been inspired by Japanese stamps and not long ago he started making glass and stone jewellery for men too.

Valéria Bősze
Val originally trained as teacher, kindergarten-teacher and carer for the elderly – thus she can quickly find the right tone with everybody and persuade them to try out something new. She learnt many different crafts: embroidery, carpet weaving with hand-made knots, working with felt, glass panting, silk painting, patchwork, clay work, wicker craft, decoupage, puppet mounting … she passes these techniques on to her pupils and finds great pleasure in their creations. Val allows their imagination to soar so the objects made are truly individual.

Erika Lévai
Erika is an artist craftswoman and a graduate of the textile department of the Shenkar College of Design. She majored on weaving but then got involved in a number of other materials and areas: for example working with plastics, glass, metals; always using an individual approach and interpretation. Erika is especially attracted by the mysticism of Hebrew letters and Jewish objects.
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