Limmud 2009

Shortly after incorporation of the Limmud Hungary Foundation, in November 2009 we held our first real conference based on Limmud principles. This event was organised exclusively by volunteers. Every single person, including presenters and the madrichim of the children’s programmes as well as the organisers bought their own tickets for the conference, contributing financially to its existence.

Home for this first full Limmud was the Sporthotel in Telki that offered beautiful gardens and superb sports facilities for the enthusiastic participants. In the breaks between sessions people filled the coffee shop where up to 120 participants could chat informally to the background of the model of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest.

That year we held a successful Limmud Shabbat with a tasty cholent (a bean dish), a number of talks and a joint greeting of Shabbat. Then we honoured the spirit of Shabbat with services for each Jewish denomination.

This was the programme 

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